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I agree. I love beer. you can drink more of the session beers. I'm enjoying a lower grav blonde right now. The only issue is that some of those higher alcohol beers are extremely delicious

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I'm sure my post clarifies it, but just to make sure. There ain't a damn thing wrong with Barleywines, IIPA's, Imperial Stouts, etc...

Maybe what I'm saying is that more alcohol doesn't necessarily mean more flavor. And I can drink more of them.....

Maybe I had too many today.....

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Originally Posted by McKBrew View Post

A great beer doesn't have to be loaded with alcohol. A great beer sometimes is the one that you can pour all day long and enjoy without seeing double.
Originally Posted by HillbillyDeluxe View Post
I disagree, a day without seeing double because of my homebrew is like a summer day without sunshine!

I'm blind in one eye. I can drink myself stupid and not see double.

That said, I agree with MckBrew. If the beer doesn't taste good and go down easy, who cares about the ABV???
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Feb 2009
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I can't agree more. On memorial day we burned through a whole batch of this weird amber ale / cider hybrid that I brewed that was 7.3% ABV and VERY easy to drink. TOO easy. Three pints of it and I was done for. I wasn't the only one, there were a few people who needed rides home.

Now all I can think about is brewing a beer that I like, that I can drink a bunch of. I'll definitely be making that beer again, because it was delicious- but I'll be shooting for an OG in the 1.040's instead of 1.060.
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Jan 2009
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I vary between the big IIPA's and the Amber and Scotch ales that sit in the 4-6% alcohol ranges. I also brew a couple mid level 5-6% IPA's. Some events you want to sip a beer and not be done for after a couple. I like my brews on Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc and to share with others.

At a recent Birthday Party for my son, a friend after having four of my home brews asked for my strong IIPA, after that he was done. All depends on who is drinking it, but I can't wait for my first Alpha to be ready to drink.

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I rarely brew anything over 5.0%... usually between 3.5% and 4.75%. Alcohol is over-rated, beer is under-rated.

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Jan 2008
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Originally Posted by menschmaschine View Post
I rarely brew anything over 5.0%... usually between 3.5% and 4.75%. Alcohol is over-rated, beer is under-rated.
Hey!! That's MY post!

Er, I mean, +1

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This is great. I usually only look at the ABV to see how much to drink before I really ought to stop. It's good to have an idea before you start. Also to see how different styles compare, and how different brewers make those styles.

For myself, I don't even know what my beers ABV is. If it tastes good, I drink it. From the Blonde I made this spring, to the IIPAs and Imperial Stouts. It's all about what I'm in the mood for at the time.

Getting a buzz is rarely an objective of mine.
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I drink for taste, not affect. While I enjoy a high gravity beer on occasion I generally stick to my session beers. I prefer to be able to sit around with my friends and have a few without feeling full or getting tanked. I hate getting drunk. Nothin' wrong with a sustained buzz though.
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I agree 100% with this post.
I calculate apprx the ABV of my beers so I have a number to tell people when they ask. Plus it's good to know which beers not do down real quick before you run to the store!, but if I'm just drinking a beer, I don't pay attention to the ABV so much. There are sometimes when I want a big beer with an alcohol burn, but generally I just want a nice Pale or Amber...(Self realization right there!) I need to brew more of these.

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