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Jun 2006
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On average how much do you spend on ingredients to mak 5 to 6 gal. batches?

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Baron von BeeGee
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Jul 2005
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Average batch is ~$17. You'll probably want to sort your data points by brew method, as well. I brew AG which is generally cheaper than extract. I also reuse my yeast and went in on a bulk buy of hops this year, both of which contribute to a lower cost per batch. Once I get my fellow GRABASS'ers poisoned by the AG bug I hope to buy some bulk malt, as well.

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I use secondaries. :p
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Sep 2005
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I'm one of the GRABBASSholes that (for now) brewes with extract.

I buy DME and hops in bulk, and re-use liquid yeast for a couple batches.

If you don't buy in bulk, the price for the extract/batch goes up a few dollars. Non-bulk hops can cost 3 times as much as bulk hops, so depending on the recipe, you could be adding a lot of $.

For reference, my IPA recipe is my most expensive due to the amount of hops used. Buying non-bulk, a batch of it cost about $35. Using bulk ingredients, a batch cost about $25.

A 'normal' batch (less hops and DME than the IPA) for me costs about $20.

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Old 06-27-2006, 03:41 PM   #4
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Oct 2005
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$15 for a brown, $25-30 for an IPA, $45 for a barleywine.
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Jul 2005
Poo-Poo Land
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Hops - $1.40 (avg) per oz
DME - $11.95 for 3 lbs
Grains:$1.10 per lb
Water: $1.00 per gallon
Yeast : $6.00

So, typically it's like this:

Hops: $4.20 (nice...)
Yeast $6.00
DME $24.00
Water: $5.00
Grains: $2.20
SubTotal of about $41.40
Tax (8.75%) $3.62
Total: $45.02

That's if I have sanitizer, bottles, priming DME and caps.
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Old 06-27-2006, 04:34 PM   #6
Jun 2006
Camp Hill, PA
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Mine normally runs about the same depending on what I brew. I'm still a n00b, but I'll be starting my 4th batch this weekend.

Anyway, my first brew was done via an ingredient kit that was $24.95. The second was a Franziskaner clone that cost me about $45. The most recent batch was a spiced holiday ale. All said and done, after buying all the spices, it was about $55 - $60.

Also, I end up buying 7 gallons of spring water @ $0.79 / gallon and 2 bags of ice to cool the wort, which is $1.50 / bag. As Cheesefood said, that's assuming that I have all of the other incedentals.
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Old 06-30-2006, 07:58 PM   #7
Jun 2006
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Since I do not have a LHBS what is the best web site for ordering ingredients.


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Old 06-30-2006, 08:03 PM   #8
Dec 2005
Glasgow, Scotland
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About £6 for grain if I re-use yeast. I think thats about $10. In reality with extras like keg spares, bottle tops, liquid yeast etc it works out around £10 - 15 ($15-20). Luckily Scottish water is very clean and soft so I don't have to worry about that.

Also I'm pretty new to all-grain brewing so I can't ignore the initial outlay for equipment.

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May 2006
Dallas, TX
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Originally Posted by kingjam
Since I do not have a LHBS what is the best web site for ordering ingredients.

-Allen and are two of the favorites.
Originally Posted by david_42
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God Emporer BillyBrew
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Sep 2005
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yeah, I'm normally in the 30-35 dollar range because I don't buy in bulk and I'm a hop head. those hops get expensive! I've just started splitting starters, though, so I should start saving some money.
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