Who gets more votes today?

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May 14, 2007
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Who gets more votes today? (percentage-wise)

Mark Maguire in the baseball HOF voting or Hillary in NH?

I'm guessing Hillary but I bet (hope) it will be close.

Personally, I'm cheering for Jim Rice on the one side and...

There must be someone on the ballot in NH that I could see myself voting for. Someone.


beergears said:
[thread drift... baseball]

What do you 'll think of the Rocket's latest..?

He did it, right?

Don't hijack my ****in' thread with that ****in' buttwad, ****in' buttstabbing, ****in' head throwin', ****in' Congressional committee lying(in the future), ****in' phonecall tapin' Juicer.

OF COURSE, he did it.


I'm sorry. I get a little emotional. And don't even mention Mo F'ing Vaughn . I'll lose it totally.
I'm pretty sure he used like everyone else in the so-called Steroids Era. I think that 20-30 years from now (maybe more) people will look back at the whole timeframe from the late 80s to the mid 2000s and consider it all tainted without looking at individuals (except maybe Bonds since he personifies the whole thing and hold the most hallowed record in American sports).
Ah you Massholes all loved Rog when he was with the Sawx but once he went to the darkside you're ready to lynch him;)

I have 5 I want to see in Canton after today, Goose, Rice, Morris, Blyleven and Dawson. Raines should be there too but I don't think he'll get in on the first try.

PS I actually think Roger did juice, the rumors have been out there for a while.

PSS PSST Paul, Mo F'ng Vaughn sorry couldn't resist:D
Juice or no juice Clemens is still one of the best pitchers the game has seen. I do remember the massholes cheering for Clemens when he came back to town in a uniform with a bird on it and when he went to pinstripes. We also cheered like crazy when George and company signed him this past year.

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