When to add fruit: Strawberry Rhubarb wheat ale

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Belgian Samurai

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Dec 15, 2020
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(I wasn't exactly sure which sub-forum I should post this question, so I guessed here. Hope it was the correct place.)
My question is about when to add the fruit for my particular setup. I do not do secondary fermentation. My setup is BIAB -> Keg fermentation under pressure with temperature controlled heat and a spunding valve. The keg is a 6.1gal Torpedo Keg, so I have plenty of headspace. I use a floating diptube with a dual screen filter to dispense particle-free beer or to be used as a closed-transfer system into an alternate serving keg.

Both fruits were picked freshed, pasturized (boiled on stove for 20-minutes) and frozen. I have a frozen 10lb block of each. My plan is to thaw them and add to the kettle post boil. I will have to see how many ounces of liquid they will be once thawed, so that I do not exceed the 5 gallon mark. Is that the stage where you would add the fruit? I will have all of this fruit in a grain bag of some sort, which can sit in the keg.

P.s. I'm referencing this recipe FWIW.


CopeCraft Brewing
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Sep 20, 2018
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I've made a bunch of fruit beers over the years. I have a Strawberry Wheat on tap right now. Most brewers would add the fruit at the tail end of fermentation. I use about 6lbs of fruit for a 5 gallon batch (6 gallons in the fermentor=5 in the keg). This is done during primary fermentation, no secondary necessary or desired. It will kick off a bit more activity. I've never added fruit during or after the boil. The recipe you referenced talks about adding the fruit during/after fermentation.

For your process, I'd brew about 2/3 gallon less wort to make room for the 6 lbs of pureed fruit. In my experience, that's about the usual volume when using 6 lbs of fresh fruit puree. You could spund after the fruit addition. I put the fruit in commando (no bag) and cold crash usually settles out the solids. Transferring to a serving keg with a floating dip tube should be no problem. Cheers! Rick