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May 26, 2015
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I am trying to understand if my expectations are off for something I put in the for sale section or if this is just a niche hobby?

I posted my e-biab kettle with controller, a LDO setup for fermentation, and a full size kegerator with taps, all for $500.
Or separate
- eBIAB kettle and parts - $150
- LDO fermentation vessel and parts - $150
- Kegerator, kegs, and parts - $200

This is all much less than I paid or what you could buy something for. I thought it is a pretty good deal
Am I crazy?

No, you’re not crazy, looks like a great deal for the right buyer. Be patient, someone will come along. Perhaps add up everything that you paid, and put that in the ad.
All good points, I agree with every one of them!

Location plays a big role. I'd think how big Austin is that you'd get some nibbles on the gear. Have you posted on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist? FB has been the big buy/sell hub I've come to find out last year.

Definitely a niche hobby and not many do it.

Size plays a roll in your brew equipment as well. The all-in-one kettles like Brewzilla and Grainfather made it such an easy jump into brewing that I see more of those bought over a kettle being home-built. Nothing wrong with that at all, especially for cost and function using repurposed things readily available. If I had room for a 3-tier setup, I would go that route.

I started with a very minimal extract kit I had gotten for basically free from a guy an hour away. Used that for about 4 brews and found a used Foundry for half the price of new. That's been going strong for the last couple years, but I did snag a scratch/dent kettle from Spike and found a BoilCoil from Blichmann on sale plus the controller. That's still all sitting in boxes waiting to be assembled for the last year and a half. Add in the keezer I built, plus other gear scrounged up from all over to have a really nice setup. I'm a sucker for stainless and recently found a used CF10 for a good price. This stuff all adds up and I've spent more than I will admit. The extract kit I had started with I tried to sell for what I paid for and never got any takers anywhere I had posted it. Ended up giving to it buddy that wanted to try making mead. I didn't have any direction in this and was happy to help someone get into it. He's since brewed a couple beers as well and enjoys it, so that was worth it.
Thanks for all the replies. I am glad to hear that my expectations are mostly right.
I did think Austin would have more interest but I will just be patient. I will probably sell the fridge separate so I don't have it sitting around but will squirrel away the rest until the right person finds me.

Also, good point on the size. I should, at least, state that it works great for 5 gal batches as well. I switched to 10 gal because it is twice the beer for the same amount of work but I get that others don't want 10 gal.

Again, thanks for all the replies.