The Dysfunctional-Palooza Obnoxious Masshole BS Thread

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Welp, apparently when you're drinking coffee and cruising HBT randomly you completely miss an earthquake.

Or I do.

I am happy to announce that my poorly utilized 6” Newtonian, having sat in the basement for eons, is ready for transport to The Great Show, and luckily shows no signs of having hosted any spurious sinister rondentiary malfeasance.
While not an expert in investments, I'd reckon that one would have to be pretty leveraged to be materially affected by yesterday's fluctuations. Bought some ADM when they tanked last month, and they seem have fared well.
From social media:
Hello friends and fans of Jack’s Abby & Wormtown,

We have some exciting news to share - Jack’s Abby has agreed to purchase Worcester based brewery and local mainstay, Wormtown Brewery.

This acquisition solidifies our local business as one of the largest one hundred percent family-owned brewing companies in the country under the newly launched banner of “Hendler Family Brewing Co.”

Here’s what you need to know:
*The Wormtown taprooms will remain in Worcester and Foxborough, now with additional resources and support from Jack’s Abby. Only Wormtown products will be served at Wormtown locations.
*We’re retaining the majority of non-ownership staff and are eagerly expanding our team
*We are committed to upholding the quality and consistency of Wormtown’s products and maintaining its core lineup of fan favorites, including Be Hoppy IPA, Be Smooth NEIPADouble IPA and Don’t Worry NEIPA.
*The Jack’s Abby headquarters and taproom will remain in Framingham, and will only serve Jack’s Abby products.
*The sale is expected to close officially early summer, 2024.

We are dedicated to fostering long-term growth and prosperity within the Massachusetts brewing landscape and that includes keeping beloved brands like Wormtown going strong.

When you grab a Be Hoppy IPA or House Lager, you’re not just enjoying a great craft beer, you’re supporting a local, family-owned business.

Jack, Eric and Sam Hendler
Today I laid out our veggie garden with drip irrigation and landscape cloth and tomato stakes and pepper cages, and was seeing sheets of pollen being stirred out of the big oaks on the property. Fortunately I'm not allergic to pollen because I'm sure I inhaled plenty of it. My truck has turned from grey to chartreuse :oops:
And it came to pass that the people were oppressed and cried out for help.
And lo, did the Saw of Chain come forth and smite mightily.
And the people rejoiced, and made much merriment, and took pictures, and feasted on the cow, and the vegetables and the breakfast cereals.
And there was great hope in the land.
For one of the Nuts of Wall had fallen.


"Yeah, that guy's obsessed with walnuts. He needs help"

"He needs a beer"


(Go ahead, I can take it - “who tries cutting down fairly big trees with a cute little electric pole saw?”)

When I was younger I would break out the 3’ bow saw, and rebelled in the fresh air and exercise of doing it “the old fashioned way” for a day.

Yeah, I was nucking futs back then.