Speidel 30L Volume Markings

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Dec 31, 2013
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Today I made volume markings on my Speidel 30L fermenter. Others have done this already and posted pictures, and I've compared their markings and some do not match. So I went ahead and did it myself for confidence.

I measured out 1 gallon of water at a time by weight (3785g) at room temp and poured it in, let it settle while I measured the next gallon, and then marked the fermenter. I was pleasently surprised to find that this holds more than 30L. Filled to the brim it's actiually around 34L.

Here are the heights of the water measured from the base of the fermenter using a ruler:

1 gal: 2 5/8"
2 gal: 4 9/16"
3 gal: 6 5/16"
4 gal: 8"
5 gal: 9 11/16"
6 gal: 11 3/8"
7 gal: 13 1/8"
8 gal: 15 1/8"
8.95 gal: To the brim

Don't use the picture to make the markings, the perspective of the camera with the ruler will give you the wrong height.