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Dec 8, 2014
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I am currently working on a beaglebone black to control my system. Eventually, I plant to add automation functionality, but that is down the line. My setup uses 12v pumps on the hlt, mlt, and rims tube, and a march 120v on the bk for whirlpool and chilling. I have four DS18B20 temp probes which let me monitor the temps (hlt, mlt, rims, and bk). All the pumps have flowmeters coupled to them so I can (eventually, still programming) see flowrates and set totalizers to track transfer volumes. I have ported the arduino pid library to javascript, as I am using bonescript/node.js to run everything. I plan to port the arduino auto tune library at some point too. I use the pid library to run my rims element for maintaining my mash temps, and will use it to let me set specific flowrates for my 12v pumps (for sparging, recirculating, etc). The system has a web front end so I can control everything from a computer or ipad.

Eventually I am going to opensource the code, but am waiting until I have it a little more complete, so it is not laughable.

Right now, this is my web interface (mocked up):
View attachment 197133

At some point I will be starting a thread for the system and will be posting updates as I progress, probably once I have the code up on github.

Btw, if anybody from TI is reading this, I would love to talk :)

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Wondering how the project was progressing? Interested if you have posted code on github?


Aug 12, 2014
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I've just started to build an Electric RIMS brewery using a BeagleBone Black, PT100 RTDs and a web interface to control everything.

I'll start posting my code on github within the next couple of weeks. Right now I just checked in some framework code: (if someone can think of a less cheesy name, I'm all ears ;)

Breakdown of what I'm using:
- BeagleBone Black
- PT100 RTDs and required supporting hardware (tbd)
Software end:
- BoneScript (BeagleBoard JS library)
- Node
- ReactJS
- PureCSS
- For unit conversion:
- Probably a variation on this for a software PID:

There's a thread started specifically for the BeagleBone Black, so I'll post more over there: