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Aug 11, 2011
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Great, another Berliner Weisse thread, lol... I did a BW not to long ago with really really nice results, the final beer tasted Bells Oarsman, so much so that my brewing friends could only tell the difference by the amount of sour, mine was more sour, and color, mine was a little darker. I did a sour wort method last time, and was contemplating a sour mash method. In all my reading, I see the method is to mash, infect, hold temp, then sparge and proceed as normal. To me this seems like it will only be a portion of the mash that is sour then since you will adding to the final volume with the sparge water. Are there methods out there for sour mashing with the full volume, then proceeding as normal? To me this makes more sense via souring.

On my last batch I had a slightly purple/dark color tint to it, just a bit weird and also it did not carb up right. I kegged it and it had carb, just not the right amount, like it would not hold the co2 in solution. Any ideas here? Did a sour wort, then boiled for a few mins w some hops and fermented w ale yeast.