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California SOLD Spike CF10 unitank extras 750

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Jan 14, 2017
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San Diego

Has all the features for incredible beer, low oxygen, pressure ferment, dry hop, yeast collection. I'm downsizing to smaller batch sizes so looking to clear up space.

All excellent condition parts, clean and ready to go. So I’ve spent $1110 plus tax buying all this stuff online. Selling at what seems to be the going rate for used stainless steel gear, save 450 bucks at least. If you dont want all the accessories, no worries we can negotiate.

Includes all the following: (sorry hard to format this chart, shows item and retail price)

CF10 (Includes: 2 port lid, 2" BV, 1.5" BV, sampling valve, TC thermometer, 90 barb, 90 elbow, 4' cap, all the clamps and gaskets) $710
Pressue Manifold $90
Racking arm $35
Spike CIP ball $48
3 casters $37
thermowell $27

2" Sight glass - classic $30
Dernord 1.5" BV $36 (to convert blow off to pressure ferment O2 free)
1.5" TC T piece (x2) $13 (Expands lid TC access to 4, extra clamps and gaskets included)

2"TC to barb $14 (for yeast dumps)
1.5" TC to barb $12 (for blow off, yeast dump, and beer transfer)
1.5" TC liquid post $15 (for keg transfers)
1.5" clamps (x2) $11
2" clamps (x2) $13
1.5" cap $7
2" cap $8
2" to 1.5" concentric reducer $17

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I have it at my house in San Luis Obispo, but I have family in Irvine so I drive down occassionally. Could consider meeting up some in between.
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