Single bottle force carbonating help.

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Up your IBU!
Mar 28, 2020
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After years of drinking more than is considered healthy, I'm taking a little hiatus and exploring other fun beverages. The passion is still there and I've switched to craft NA beers, hop waters, seltzers and hop teas. I still have pounds of hops and a bunch of teas, why not make my own? But I'm finding bottle conditioning individual small batch non:fermented liquids isn't working out.
I do not own a kegging setup and soda streams seem to be a recipe for disaster. Carbonator Caps were recommended somewhere online but I wanted to ask this group. I want to make 1 liter bottles of my own hop tea or hop water then carbonate.

Please help me be healthier while drinking that hoppy goodness I love!
i use carb caps and tee pieces to serve beer out of amber PET bottles.

i have since started using the carb caps to carb individual 500 ml clear pet bottles for traveling. i jump the beer liquid to liquid post to a pet bottle so as to leave behind any sediment. squeeze out the air. attach the carb cap and blast it . let it sit a few days in fridge maybe one or two more blasts and its carbed up and ready to venture out of the kegerator for a trip to the cabin, dock, or brother in laws house. lol
you can guage the degree of carbonation by how hard to the pet bottle is . after dong a few you will get the feel for how much gas to use.
it works exceptionally well.

you will still need co2. if you dont want to invest in a full kegging setup. get a mini reg and adaptor and use the sodastream. heres a good videos of what you want to do:

If you use carbonator caps you'll still need a small CO2 cylinder with a regulator, a few feet of gas line and a gas disconnect. If you're not kegging and all you want to do is force-carb bottles of soda, 5 lbs. of CO2 will last years.