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The Beer Baron
Sep 13, 2016
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Wanted to get a thread going to get some design ideas from others out there. I cheated a bit and bought a premade 4 tap JB with 50' stainless coils at 5/16" ID, shanks, and Krome faucets with handles already assembled. What I'm focused on now is the actual jockey box cover. Thats where the uniqueness of the home brew operation can be showcased.

I'm currently working on a jockey box cover to encase the cooler made out of cabinet wood. My wife a few Christmas's ago had an engraver CNC burning it into the wood my custom logo on the front so it can be shown at home brew festivals. Sadly it has been until now that I am really putting the effort and cash into building it out making it my own. The tap side will have the same logo, but on a sticky clear decal in color. I also have a few wild ideas I'm working on. Certainly some LED lights to make it attractive to the eye. Once it is complete I will share some pictures I promise! :)

Cheers all!
All done. Used some waterproof LEDs and a relay to change the leds when using the rinser! Custom graphic on the tap side, and a blackboard held by magnets to hide the slide channels with brushes ment for dropping the taps through for the JB.

Rinser is powered by a 1.1gpm diaphragm pump. It has a built in on demand pressure switch fixed at 35psi. Too high for the rinser so an external pressure switch set to 15psi turns the pump off without blowing the seals of the rinser.

This is amazing! Nice work man!
Thank you! I hope others will post theirs too! Im just glad to have finished mine. Almost 3 years in the making! JBs can get pricey to build and often the wood covers are not done at all, or are just display only. I wanted mine display and function! :)
I purchased a 7 line cold plate it came with no fittings (on the hunt for some cheap ones or used, not interested in paying more for fittings than I did the plate, lol). Once I get some fittings I'll work on mine. Anyone have any leads?