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Orange whip?
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Apr 22, 2007
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Orlando, FL
I am getting closer to being self sufficient. It will be nice when I can brew without a trip to the LHBS or online supplier. I was able to pull all the hops that I need from the freezer. I bought 50# bag of 2 row and 5# of crystal 60L. I can tell the grain mill will pay for itself in no time. I just need to decide how I am going to reuse yeast and it's on! (washing is probably the way I will go).

Stupid thing! Today I was racking Yooper's DFH 60 which I used Wyeast 1056. I washed it all down the drain. I realized tomorrow I am brewing SN Clone which could have used the same yeast EASY! Nuts!!!
Oh you keep thinking that for a while........ then comes brewday. ooooops, I need this or that.

It's an addiction I tell you.

I have enough grain and hops and yeast and.... well you get the picture to last me at least a year, but can't keep away from my LHBS.

You tell yourself it's just to look around. You end up comming out with two years worth of cleaning chemicials, 30 corks ( you don't make wine ), DME ( you're all grain ), hops that you'll never use, and even that 2 inch christmas tree he had on his counter that "would look fine on my kegerator".

And then you go to the next LHBS down the road....

AND then try sneaking home with the goodies, past the guard at the front door, making like you were Santa with a sack across your back, ho hoing when she asks what you have in there?

Straight through the front porch, living room, and kitchen and into the doghouse.

Oh well, Happy New Year to everyone.
ROFL... My LHBS has beers you can't get anywhere else in town. It's a ploy I tell you!!! "I am just going to run in and grab a 6 pack of (whatever) beer... oh yea 1 of these, 2 of these, and a dozen naked lady golf tees".

Courtesy of Rodney Dangerfield in Caddy Shack
how is Hearts homebrew sitting for hops?? How much will he let you buy?
I am finally making it back to my house and need to start buying some stuff to brew.