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Aug 24, 2017
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Looking over an old recipe. I'm sticking fairly British in approach and I dropped a 9% Durst dark Munich that I had originally, replacing the equivalent MO. Curious on your thoughts. 12 gallons.

Fawcett MO - 18.25 lbs. - 76.8%
Black Patent - 0.75 lbs. - 3.2%
De-Bittered Black - 1.00 lbs. - 4.2%
Chocolate 350 - 1.00 - 4.2%
Brown - 1.00 lbs. - 4.2%
Baird's Crystal 135/165 - 1.75 lbs. - 7.4%


All Willamette at 90 (4.25 oz.), 15 (1.75) and knockout (2.00).

Those many years ago, I recall, there came a time when I fell in love with 158 mashing. It seems, in my memory, about all I did during some period.

And this "historical" (for me) recipe as written (158) is no different, though I don't know if this was a logic for a bigger porter, or part of my choice to go dextrinous on everything I did, or nearly so. At any rate, I'm not afraid to go all in for a dextrinous mash here, though I'm much more open to going drier than I used to be. I could see either way, though for some odd reason, not the middle. I.e., 149-151, or 157-158, but not 152-155. Have no idea what's going on there.

OG: 1.065
IBU: 49
FG: 1.016
SRM: 47
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