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Jan 11, 2016
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There are various spreadsheet's and calculators that will help determine gravity during and after fermentation (when using a refractometer).

Many have used the "More Beer" calculator with good comparison's, and I have found another one(with a lot of research and other information) that may be of interest.
The website is
You can download the calculator from there.

The two sites do not provide identical results but similar...
On More Beer-
Original Brix of 23
Apparent Brix of 12
Actual SG 1.019

On Seans calculator- (also provided with Wort correction factor, etc.)
Original Brix of 23
Final Brix of 12
Refractometer FG Correlations
Old Cubit 1.072
New Cubit 1.0204 > ABV 9.2%
New Linear 1.0214

He goes into great detail about his research and findings that is very compelling.

A quote from the site...
Interestingly, the linear correlation is more accurate than the cubic, albeit slightly less precise.

Any thoughts on this would be great!
I will also try to post some comparative results (with a Hydrometer) of my own when I get to final SG's from my first batch.

Cheers, TK


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Jan 6, 2014
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Yup, sean's is the one you want to use.

Not sure how the WCF will work with mead, you'll have to provide your own measurements and compare a hydrometer to your refractometer to calculate it.

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