really good peach mango from juice

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Captain Cheap
Nov 30, 2018
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Volusia county
Fermented at 72°F
1 gallon:
2 gallons welches simply refreshing peach mango
1 gallon freeze concentrated to 2/3 gallon.
Use plain juice with water pinch of nutre to make starter
1 gallon carboy add all concentrate top with plain juice. Mix small amount of juice with pectic enzyme pour in.
Add nutre per label shake. Add one Amad peach passion tea bag(brewed tea for tannin)
Let rest 12 hrs, remove tea bag, pitched K1V1116.
Juice sg 1.042
Concentrate sg 1.130
Must OG 1.061 ish makes a good ciderish strength drink, adjust to 1.110 for 15% for wino levels.
5 gallon:
7 gallons welches simply refreshing peach mango
Starter, half juice half water pinch of nute in quart container
5 gallons freeze concentrated to 3 1/3 gallons. 2 gallons plain. (Not sure of the SG of this blend)
Add sugar to SG of 1.110+/- 15%ish ( or your desired ABV)
Add golden raisins for body?
5 Amad peach passion brewed strong.
Pectic enzyme per label
Super ferment per label or yeast nute/energizer per labels
Wait 24 hrs, pitch
Make this in a fermenting bucket, save extra after racking to top up later.
Rack at about 7-10 days or when activity slows way down. Then again when lees are 1/4 inch or more.
I racked once to secondary, once more a month later, and again at bottling
Light backsweeten, SWMBO says leave it dry next time based on tasting at last rack to bottling bucket.
1capfull per gallon of real lemon for acids
K-meta and potassium sorbate added to stabilize.
Good at 3 months from pitch.
Thread from original attempt