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Mar 8, 2007
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So I want to add a tower and dual faucets to my kegerator over time but I'm not sure what the most cost effective route is for doing what I want.

I plan to replace the faucets with a forward sealing one and a stout faucet. So it seems like a waste to buy a whole kit and then replace the standard faucets doesn't it? I know that ACU Metal makes those bare towers, those are the only ones I've seen. But adding the shanks and the faucets it seems like that would get pretty pricey. Is that the best/only option or are there other options for people who want to customize the faucets on their tower?

Or is it cheaper just to get the tower kit and sell off the faucets you don't need anymore?

Thanks. :mug:
Standard faucets are a relatively small percentage of the overall cost of the towers. You can go ahead and purchase a tower with standard faucets, or alternatively email the company you plan to buy the tower from and see if they can switch out the towers.

They will likely give you a small break on price, but don't expect much. The faucets included with most towers retail for 15-20$.
Most sellers will also remove the standard faucets and give you a price break. I know I asked a seller on Ebay if he would do this and ended up getting my tower, without faucets, for $60. Pretty awesome deal if you ask me.
Forrest from Austin Homebrew offered to sell someone here a tower w/ forward-sealing faucets; you might PM him and see if he'd do the same for you.