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Nov 19, 2007
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When working on the "water needed" tab on Promash, do you calculate your mash out water along with the mash water? Which is to say, I was going to mash 1.3 quarts per pound, but there isn't a spot in that calculation for mash out water, which makes the amount of sparge water I need somewhat higher.

Does that make any sense?
the " grain absorbtion" box has how much the grain will absorb. Just take that number and boil that amount then add it to the mash for the mash out. Of course that assuming your grain absorbtion is set correctly. mines about .1 gal/lbs


-I'm smelling a lo of IF comming offa this plan-
Right, I have the grain absorption stuff in there. I was just wondering if the mashout water goes in as part of the water/grain ratio for the mash water itself.
It doesn't separate your mash out water in the water needed tab. I would consider that to be in the sparge water area. If you want to figure out how much water and at what temp you need to do a mash out, I would use the mash designer tab. It has that info in it.
looks like the "total into mash" is the sparge minus any lost in the deadspace. The "Total from mash" is your initial mash water minus the absorbtion. The amount "into kettle" are those two numbers plus any topoff minus any misc lost water.

I would add the amount lost to the grain back into the mash to get approx the amount back that you put in

If you use the mash designer utility, the mashout water is not counted with the water/grain ratio. You can set up an infusion step, though, for the mashout and work with the amount of water.

I always consider the mash out part of the sparge water. I heat it to nearly boiling and add enough to bring the mash to about 168º.
is there a way to dial in the grain absorption setting in Promash? its a red field, and it would help alot if i can play around with that to finalize my system..