Price of a new 20# CO2 cylinder

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Mar 8, 2005
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Waterford, NY
I am trying to price out a new 20# CO2 tank, and the local shop wants $125 used, but it is filled. A new tank is $180. Any thoughts?
morebeer gets $130 for a new one.

They have gone up a lot since I got mine for like $60 I guess. I'd get the cheapest one you can and just swap it out with your gas distributor to get it filled. That way, you don't need to worry about getting it inspected and all that nonsense because they'll always give you one that has been inspected. In fact, check with the folks who will be filling it for you and see if they have old beater ones you can buy. There's absolutely no advantage to a shiny new CO2 tank.
The place I quoted is where I get my CO2, and they don't do swaps they refill. I found a place online to get a new one for $98 + $15 shipping, I think I will go with that. Thanks for the reply.
My local gas supply guy doesnt do the swaps either. He told me to make sure I buy a new one, and he would fill it and keep records on it each time to make sure its always in good shape. That way he said I would always have a tank that was sure to be perfect. My 2 cents anyway
I'm going to build a new bar and put a converted freezer in for my kegs, so I wanted to start new. I probably won't get started for a month or so, but I will post pictures as I go. Thanks for the input.
Yeah if you're getting refills, a brand new one is a really good idea. There's some sort of certification/inspection process for tanks, so the newer you get it, the longer it'll be before you need to get it inspected.