Poppet keeps getting plugged - Options?

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Jan 1, 2012
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Tried searching around but either I'm searching wrong or I can't find something similar. Today has been an exercise in patience when it comes to kegging took forever to get to the point where I could pour a pint and then this...

I naturally carbonated in my keg while I waited to receive and put together my temperature controller for my kegerator. I was expecting sediment in my first few pints but the keg won't dispense at all. Tried to dispense beer and would get an inch or so before nothing. Took everything apart twice, made sure I was getting gas into the keg, and each time I get about an inch of beer in the lines before it stops.

I assume I've got too much nastiness at the bottom of the keg and it's going to keep clogging up. Is my best option to let it sit in the kegerator for a couple days to cold crash and then rack the clear beer into the empty keg I've got sitting next to it? As much as I'd love to start drinking this today I fear that all the motion has gotten the crud mixed up and I don't want to transfer this to the next keg just to have the same problem.