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Dec 26, 2007
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SE Michigan
I know this topic is talked about all the time, but I would like to collect some advice about what to add to my ball valve. I would like to minimize the trub entering my carboy.

below is what I have, and what I have read
I often use 100% pellets
I own a keggle
I currently tip and dump out the ball valve into carboy (via hose w/ venturi type aeration tube)
I use an immersion chiller (50ft 3/8")
I use a PVC hop sock thing (and would like to lose it)

considering a pickup tube that aims towards the side of the keggle
considering a simple 90 to get lower but not low enough to get into the hop sludge when the sock is not in use
considering bobbys triangular mesh screen
was told a false bottom was a waste of money with pellets
read the store sold hopstopper is good but not guaranteed for 100% pellets
read that many folks put ss scrubber pad over pickup tube w/ success
even willing to go back to running the wort thru a funnel and strainer if i had too

looking for some guidance, thanks


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Oct 2, 2008
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Bakersfield, CA
Keep it simple. What i use is a 6in stainless nipple (that screws into the inside of the keggle) with a 90, and on the 90 i have a 2in nipple that points downward. I turn the 90 a little to the side so i don't pick up too much trub. As long as you use pellet hops, you will never have a problem.:rockin:


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Aug 20, 2008
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Warren County,NJ

my 2 cents...I used 1 short lenght of 1/2" copper into a 90 degree fitting then
into short maybe1" 1/2 pc then into 1/2 by 3/4 tee then i took 2 copper hangers and put then into 3/4 ends and covered them with ss screen(lowes) Dryer vent screen tubes with hose clamps kind of a DIY bazooka t seems to work ok but for pellets I may double up on the screen as the hole are a little large but most of the trub stayed in keggle.I found that adjusting the ball valve seemed to help a little bit as well,Full on seemed to stir up too much in keggle.

Hope that helped a little.


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