Overland Park KS Water Report (Haze issues and dull lager)

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Feb 19, 2012
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Hey! I just moved into the area and was wondering if someone could help me interpret the local water report. I have brewed three batches so far here in town and have had haze issues that I have not experienced before. Also, I would like to get into making crisp tasting lagers as well.

I put my minerals into Bru'n water and it looks like my mash pH might be high.

I appreciate any feedback here,


Here is my local water report as listed by WaterOne's website.

Posting to follow. I just moved to OP about 3 months ago. And yeah, pH here is crazy high. Next time I'll be adding a decent amount of acid to my mash and sparge water.
It's not terrible water, but if you haven't been acidifying the mashing and sparging water, that would easily lead to the poor results you report.
Your alkalinity is only a wee bit high (50 is the desirable maxiumum) so your mash pH should be OK if you use a little crystal malt in addition to the base. With Weyermanns Pilsner (pneumatic) malt and 10% of their 20L crystal, for example, you should be at around pH 5.6 (room temperature). This is OK but you will get brighter flavors if you go a bit below by adding 2% (est'd pH 5.47) to 3% (est'd pH 5.40) sauermalz.

Haze is a different matter. IOW a mash pH of 5.6 isn't going to make the beer hazy. Look elsewhere for an explanation for that. Possibilities are a lot of iron (didn't see it listed in the report), failure to do a protein rest, incomplete saccharification and infection. And there are others that aren't coming to mind.