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For Sale NEW Jaded Hydra SS Immersion chiller, tri-coil

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Jul 25, 2008
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Holland, MI
Brand new, never used.

$225 plus shipping or free local pick-up. Located near Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Three 25’ sections of 3/8” OD stainless steel tubing run in parallel for unprecedented chilling speed.

Chills 5 gallons of wort (brew) from boiling to 10F above tap water in 4 minutes!

This includes two 5/8” stainless steel uprights to connect to garden hose fittings (included); this is a $25 upgrade over the standard copper uprights.

The uprights and the copper fittings to MPT connector will need to be soldered in place. As you can tell this has never been used.

Measures ~21” to the top of the copper 3-input/1-output specialty fittings. Measures ~8..5” to top of coils. The SS uprights can be cut to length based upon desired overall height; the uprights are 10.5” long.

These chillers have been out of stock for almost the entirety of Covid. Here’s your chance to get one that is brand new!

More information at www.jadedbrewing.com/products/SS-hydra


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