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Aug 3, 2016
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Struggling to find a cleaning checklist that commercial breweries might use to comply with health and food safety guidelines. Any one with any info on where I might find this information, or an example document I could amend or tweak?
Happy brewing!
Those are probably considered proprietary to the brewery and not in the public domain. I would also think that each state/territory/province would have different requirements.

Depending on what you are looking for reviewing the local health codes and talking to breweries may be your best bet.
Commercial brewers SOPs are unique to their equipment and experiences. BA (Brewers Association) has resources for members, likewise help from and their participants , but they often run heavier on acids and caustics than most home brewers are comfortable with safety handling.
+1 on looking to ProBrewer for that before looking here, especially if you're looking for legally satisfying documentation. The stuff used in commercial CIP systems is seldom used in homebrew, period. I'd never, ever recommend a homebrewer use caustic or PAA in their equipment. This forum is really the wrong place for your question.

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