Making a starter for a cider?

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Apr 12, 2023
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I recently got some natural apple juice from a friend and since it's high og, I think I can dilute it to get a little more cider and increase the new og with some table sugar, sacrificing a little body and flavor for more volume, so I had the thought, but there was a bummer, I have run out of yeast, but then I realized I had 3 bottles of my previous batches left, one was brewed with t58 and it's a 1L bottle, the other two were fermented with s04, so I pasteurized some apple juice, diluted it to 1.04 and added the yeast cake from the bottles, turned on stirring, I'm little bubbles rising to the top of the slurry after 6 hours, now my questions is, will it be enough to cover a 7L batch without stressing the yeast? Since it's simple sugars. How long should I wait for it? Should I add more apple juice when the fermentation is done?
There's more bubbling today but it's still very low
Apple juice is very nutrient-poor for yeast. You might consider boiling some baker's yeast for a couple of minutes to provide nutrients. That applies to starter and cider batch.

You could do a starter with malt extract, but it will make your cider keep a little bit of a head.