London Amateur Brewers Open Home Brew Competition 2023

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Nov 16, 2018
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London, UK
Is now open for entries here: LAB Open 2023

Will be back at Hammerton Brewery this year and we're still running the UK's biggest home brew sampling of the year on Sunday 14th May. The competition will be judged by qualified judges from all over the world.

If you've not entered a competition before, then do consider it - your beer will be tasted by two trained judges, and you will get an A4 feedback sheet from both of them covering all aspects of your beer and how you might improve it. You might even win a prize!

If you can get to London on the Sunday 14th May then entering the competition also gets you into the festival for free, with a glass and the ability to sample every single entry from the competition.

Everyone is also welcome to come and help out with running the competition, where again you're going to get to try many entries and get to discuss them with trained judges - if you're interested then please follow the link above and register yourself as a steward.

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