Is rinsing sanitizer out with hot water o.k.?

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Jan 23, 2008
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Drunk on the Outer Banks
New brewer? I've been reading some books and done 2 batches thus far. Haven't bottled yet but soon. Anyway, I'm wondering If the sanitzer needs to rinsed out of your primary before dumping the wort or your equiptment needs the sanatizer rinsed off? Say you use bleech or oxy stuff, would it be o.k. to dump the sanitzer out of primary and then dump in the water and wort? Also does it matter if you use tap water with wort or should you use distilled water? Will the yeast keep the tap water from getting contaminated? I've been using distilled and the crystal stuff you get from the LHBS and just dumping out the sanitizer, letting it sit for min and then dumping in the wort. A friend told me it wouldn't matter. Will that produce off flavors? I also have food grade hot water. Should I use that to rinse the primary and other items off after sanitization or just a quick air dry and roll? What do you guys think? Thanks, Ben


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Sep 8, 2007
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Sin City, NV
This is one of those times reading the directions will tell you everything you need to know. If it's no rinse sanitizer, don't rinse it (and leave it in for the prescribed amount of time). The crystal stuff I got in my beginners kit was no rinse, but I seem to recall that it needed to sit for something like 15 min.

Do yourself a favor and skip the bleach. Go get some starsan and don't look back.