Hopped-Up Cider

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Sep 8, 2015
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This is a really simple one gallon batch of cider that I made for a girl I was seeing, but I actually ended up really liking it!

1 Gallon of Unfiltered Apple Juice from Whole Foods (~$10)
1/2 package Cider House Yeast
Pectic Enzyme
Yeast Nutrient
1-2 Campden Tablets
1/3 oz Citra Hops

* Add Pectic Enzyme to the apple juice, cap, and let sit for 24 hours
* You can siphon here... this will prevent losing as much at the end
* Add a crushed campden tablet, nutrient, and half a packet of Cider House Select Yeast
* Air lock and let sit for 2 weeks
* Siphon to another carboy and add 1/3 - 1/2 oz Citra Hops
* Secondary ferment for another 7-10 days
* Siphon off and if you want it still add another campden tablet. If not, add 22g of priming sugar, cap, and let sit for 2 weeks
* Enjoy!

Pro tip: I bought the Whole Foods apple juice the first time for $10, then re-used the carboys and bought unfiltered apple cider from Costco for $4. If you just need an extra glass carboy, buy a jug of Andre wine for $4 - the gallon carboy would have cost more than the bottle of wine. (You can use it to make some crappy sangria!)