Hop Allergy/ AA Irritation?

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Jul 20, 2013
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So I've been a home brewer and beer enthusiast for years and I had something very strange happen to me tonight. I haven't had many beers over the past few months (pregnant wife, moving, being busy etc). So tonight I poured myself a Ninkasi Total Domination IPA, took a few sniffs (it smelled wonderful, tangerine and orange) and a few sips. A few minutes later my cheeks started to feel hot and looking in the mirror I had a red mask around my eyes like a raccoon. I stopped drinking, took a Benadryl and put a cold cloth on my face and it seems to be settling down.

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar before. Did I just snort too many alpha acids and irritate my sinuses? Am I allergic to hops or a specific variety of hops? The IPA in question uses Amarillo (which I've had loads of times) Crystal (I know I've had hallertau) and summit (which I'm not sure I've bad before). Any thoughts/ experiences?