Hello from the Land O' Lakes State

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Jan 7, 2008
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Maple Grove
That's Minnesota for those who didn't know.

I have been brewing beer for around 20 years, and just found this site today. I do the most of my brewing, during the winter. I am not very busy with other hobbies, during the beginning of the year. Doing all grain batches is a nice way to burn up a whole day, without sitting around, like a couch potato. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I recently concocted an ale, of some sort. I haven't determined what category it should be classified in. Here is my recipe I came up with :

10# 6-row Malted Barley
.75# Belgian Biscuit Malt
.5# 80*L Caramel Malt
.3# Chocolate Malt
3 oz. Nugget hops (homegrown)
1.5 oz. Cascade hops (compressed plugs)
1 tsp Irish Moss
2 tsp calcium carbonate (to 3.8 gal. mash water)
1 tsp calcium carbonate ( to 4 gal. sparge water)
Whitebread Ale Yeast 14g

B.G. 1.056

I think I have been very fortunate in the past. I have only had one batch ever, that I had taste issues with. Otherwise, everything has turned out great.

I am planning on bottling this batch, so I can keep some for summer consumption. That and I am trying to drop some weight. Beer and dieting don't go together very well.

That's it for now, just dropped in to say HI, and let you know what I am up to.