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Sold Grainfather G30 accessories for sale

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May 2, 2015
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South Jersey
Grainfather G30 accessories for sale
Cost includes shipping (to the lower 48 States)

$100.00 for everything listed or buy one item and purchase any additional ones for 50% off the price listed

Inner Basket $60

Bottom Overflow Pipe $20

Bottom Perforated Plate $20

Grain Stopper $20

Overflow Inlet $20

Top Overflow Pipe $20

False bottom $10
This type 304 stainless false bottom has been designed to fit the 30 Liter Grainfather.
It can be a tight fit in some Grainfathers (it fits mine but I purchased the one that Grainfather sells)
Lifting ring has been bent, to fit in the Grainfather without intefering with the basket.
. 11 5/8" overall diameter (290mm), and the 3 legs are 1 1/2" high, or 35mm.


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  • Bottom Overflow Pipe and nut.jpg
    Bottom Overflow Pipe and nut.jpg
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  • bottom perf plate and seal.jpg
    bottom perf plate and seal.jpg
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  • Grain Stopper.jpg
    Grain Stopper.jpg
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  • Overflow Inlet.jpg
    Overflow Inlet.jpg
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  • Top Overflow Pipe.jpg
    Top Overflow Pipe.jpg
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  • false bottom 1.jpg
    false bottom 1.jpg
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