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Oct 12, 2007
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Hey everyone I am just wondering who is going to the Extreme beer fest Sat Feb 16th in Boston. I am going to be there and wonder if any other home brewers in the area plan on attending. For those of you out of state who might plan on coming in here are some details...


Looks like an interesting lineup.
bigjohnmilford said:
not me, I've done the Providence one a couple of times. I got sick of waiting in the lines and the drunk amateurs.

You went to the evening session didn't you? The day session is much better; more hardcore beer geeks.

As for the Extreme Fest, I will not be there. 1) I'm heading to NYC for that weekend and 2) the whole Beer Advocate extreme beer thing is not for me.
I've heard the words maximum occupancy and amateur hour from other sources as well. Oh well, I really want to go once. I am hoping to run into some brewers I've met before, but chances are the most junior of assistants will probably be there. Not that those guys aren't good to talk to, but I just don't know them well.
TheJadedDog said:
You went to the evening session didn't you? The day session is much better; more hardcore beer geeks.

As for the Extreme Fest, I will not be there. 1) I'm heading to NYC for that weekend and 2) the whole Beer Advocate extreme beer thing is not for me.

No, we went to the day session...
I'll be looking for you.

My list so far. These are the ones I really want to try or simply can't get around here. I'll be hitting Jacob Wirth's following the tasting to make sure that I wind up the evening by passing out.

Allagash Dry Hopped Barrel Aged Musette
Boston Beer Imperial Stout
Ommegang Funkhouse Ale
Ommegang Saison de Gewurz
Three Philosophers Grand Cru Ale (13%)
Dogfish Head Old School Barley Wine
Dogfish Head Red & White (i've had this one before and just want to taste it again)
Dogfish Head Spruce Willis
Flying Dog Collaborator
Harpoon's Parti-gyle
Smuttynose Berliner Weiss
Smuttynose Cherry Wood Aged Baltic Porter
Portsmouth Brewery Port Wood Aged Imperial Stout
Three Floyd's Dark Lord
Weyerbacher Quad
Weyerbacher R & R
Weyerbacher Twelve
I prited my list, but don't have it in a "paste"-able form here at home. I even tried to sort them by palate-assertiveness, although this will be a general challenge.

I went for the ones I think I may like, the ones where I'm curious about the taste and a few really hoppy oned for the end just to see how much I dislike 100+ IBU beers.

We'll be there Friday night

Charlies in the morning for Turkey hash :rockin:

Heres a list:

Allagash Brewing Co. (ME)

Bourbon Black
Belgian-style Stout aged for 10 months in bourbon barrels; 9.5%
Two Roads
Blend of two select barrels from Allagash's barrel room, aged for 2+ years; 10.0%

Avery Brewing Co. (CO)

No. 1 Brabant "Wild Ale"
A luscious dark ale fermented with two strains of wild yeast
(Brettanomyces) then aged for 8 months in Zinfandel barrels.

Bear Republic Brewing Co. (CA)

Barrel Aged Barley Wine
Info to follow.
Booster Rocket
A double hopped, double malted rocket for a boost of flavor and alcohol.
Barrel aged for six months in a bourbon barrel.
Cuvee de Bubba
Info to follow.

Bell's Brewery (MI)

Bell's Bourbon Barrel-Aged Expedition / Double Cream Blend
A brand spanking new blended American Stout.

Berkshire Brewing Co. (MA)

Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
Imperial Stout Barrel Aged; 8.5%

Boston Beer Co. (MA)

Samuel Adams Utopias
The world's strongest beer, blended from multiple barrels; 27.0%

Cambridge Brewing Co. (MA)

The Colonel's Porter
19th century expression of a Dark Ale aged for over 1-year in Buffalo Trace barrels inoculated with Brettanomyces; 6.5%

Blunderbuss Barleywine (Sherry Oak-Aged)
A rare expression of CBC's 2008 Blunderbuss aged in sherry oak and served via gravity tap; 11.0%

Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. (NY)

Cuvee de Castleton
American Sour in wood with Muscat grapes added; 8.0%

Fools Gold
American Sour in wood, dry hopped; 7.5%

Golden Delicious
American Tripel in apple brandy barrels; 10.0%

Rosso e Marrone
American Sour in wood with red grapes added; 10.5%

Dark Horse Brewing (MI)
Jack-in-Chuck Rum Barrel Porter
Porter aged in rum barrels; 8.0%

Whiskey Richard
Belgian-style pale fermented and aged 2-years in bourbon barrels; 9%

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery (DE)

Dogfish Head is the official sponsor of the 2009 Extreme Beer Fest. Swing by and say hello to Sam Calagione and crew!

BA Select (Aged on Walnut Wood Chips)
A collaboration beer brewed by Sam Calagione, Bryan Selders, and the Alström Bros at the original Rehoboth Beach Dogfish Head brewpub.
Brewed with maple syrup, chestnuts, green peppercorns, Korean Corn tea (Oksusu-cha), Fawcett's Maris Otter base malt,
MFP kiln coffee malt, Liberty and Vangaurd hops, and DFH's Raison D'Etra yeast strain.
This special version has been aged on walnut wood chips exclusively for Night of the Barrels; 8.0%

Officially name: "Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Select" as voted by BeerAdvocate members.
The name is an ode to The Konami Code (cheat code) on the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 80s;
submitted by BA thequeue, the winner of the collaboration naming competition.

FiftyFifty Brewing Co. (CA)

FiftyFifty Imperial Eclispe Stout
Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout; 9.5%

Flying Dog Brewery (MD)

Whiskey Barrel-Aged Gonzo
Gonzo Imperial Porter aged in whiskey barrels; 9.5%

Foothills Brewing (NC)

Pappy Van Winkle Barrel Aged People's Porter
Barrel-aged Porter; 6.0%

Founders Brewing Co. (MI)

Backwoods Bastard
Bourbon barrel-aged Scotch Ale; 10.2%

Old Ale; 9.8%

Hand of Doom
Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial IPA; 10.8%

Kentucky Breakfast Stout
Bourbon Barrel Aged Chocolate Coffee Stout; 11.2%

Full Sail Brewing Co. (OR)

Black Gold Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
Aged an extra year in bourbon barrels; 10.5%

Harpoon Brewery (MA)

Barrel-aged Harpoon Encore Series Barleywine
Vintage Barleywine aged in wood; 10.0%

Haverhill Brewery / The Tap (MA)

Joshua Norton
Award-winning Imperial Stout aged in a Woodford Reserve barrel; 9.3%

Traditional English Old Ale aged in a Woodford Reserve barrel; 8.0%

Ithaca Beer Co. (NY)

Bourbon TEN
Anniversary beer aged for months in a freshly dumped 14-year old Bourbon Barrel, then dry-hopped again for your pleasure; 10.5%

To Be Named
Sour beer, or blend of beers, from Ithaca's barrel farm;

"Very" Old Habit
Blend of vintages of this Strong Rye Ale aged in Rye whiskey barrels; 9.0%

John Harvard's Brew House (MA)
johnharvards.com XO Stout
Raspberry Stout brewed for love; 6.0%

Magic Hat Brewing Co. (VT)

Old Ale
Dark amber beer with sweet caramel sugar flavors and rich chocolate taste, rounded out by a sharp hop presence. Slightly untraditional, a portion of this beer was aged in whiskey barrels for over 4 years, resulting in subtle whisky and vanilla notes; 6.95%

Russian River Brewing Co. (CA)

Stong dark ale aged for 6 months inside used cabernet sauvignon barrels with currants added.; 10.5%

Shmaltz Brewing Co. (CA)

He'Brew Bittersweet Lenny's RIPA (Rye)
Rye Double IPA aged in rye whisky barrels; 10.0%

He'Brew Jewbelation 12 (Rye)
Extreme Chanukah Beer aged in rye whisky barrels; 12.0%

Short's Brewing Co. (CA)

The Wizard
Special Barleywine; 10.0%

Smuttynose Brewing Co. (NH)

Oak Aged Hanami
Tart Cherry Ale aged for 9 months in a Jack Daniels Barrel; 5.4%

Southern Tier Brewing Co. (NY)
Oak Aged Cuvee #1
French oak; 9.0%
Oak Aged Cuvee #2
American oak; 9.0%

Stone Brewing Co. (CA)

2006 Double Bastard Ale aged in Brandy Barrel
Ass-kicking arrogance; 10.0%

Stone 12th Anniversary Bitter Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Aged in Bourbon Barrel
Hey, you put bourbon in my chocolate oatmeal stout; 9.6%

The Bruery (CA)

Cuvee Jeune
Young American Wild Ale fermented with traditional Lambic flora and aged in chardonnay barrels; 6.0%

Melange #3
Blend of Papier, Black Tuesday Imperial Stout, and White Oak, all aged in bourbon barrels; 15.0%

The Lost Abbey (CA)

Phunky Duck
A single barrel from their Duck Duck Gooze program, which will eventually release
Duck Duck Gooze (a blended sour ale with 1, 2 and 3 year old beer) in 2009.
Phunky Duck was brewed as the back bone for this blend; 7.0%

Red Poppy
Flanders Red Ale, barrel-aged with sour cherries; 5.0%

Veritas 004
Unique blend of various barrel-aged beers; 7.0%

Join Tomme Arthur on the NotB panel @ 7pm.

Three Floyd's Brewing Co. (IN)

Barrel-Aged Fantabulous Resplendence X Anniv Ale
American Strong Ale; 11.0%

Barrel-Aged Hvedegoop
Collaboration Wheatwine brewed with Mikkeller and aged in wood; 10.5%

Tröegs Brewing Co. (PA)

Splinter Series #1
Belgian-style Triple aged in oak; 10.1%

Splinter Series #2
Mad Elf aged in bourbon barrel; 11.0%

Weyerbacher Brewing Co. (PA)

Insanity 2006
Boubon barrel-aged Barleywine; 11.1%

Willimantic Brewing Co. (CT)

Willi Funkhammer
Fresh blend of Willi Wonder Funk barrel with Willi Whammer '08 and '06 Dickel barrel-aged Barleywines; 10.0%