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For Sale Electric Brew Supply 30A 2-element panel complete

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Jan 21, 2014
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Lino Lakes
I am selling my 2-element 30A panel from electric brew supply. It's fully assembled and includes two 5500W stainless ULWD tri-clamp elements and 3 tri-clamp temp probes. Also comes with all cables including 2 pump cables. It has been used less than 10 times and works great. I'll also include the extending/pivoting wall mount if you want. Total new would currently sell (un-assembled) for $2400, this is like new selling for $1750. If you also need pumps with it I have two chugger pumps available with stainless tri-clamp heads on them I can throw in for an additional $300 (retail for $250 each). I don't always see notifications from this site for replies but I'll check back once in awhile to make sure I haven't missed any. If you're seriously interested feel free to email me at [email protected]. Would prefer local pick-up in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area, but I would be willing to ship and possibly split costs depending on where to.


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