Easy mead recipe

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Jan 20, 2008
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Sept-iles, Quebec, Canada
What you need:
-A pack of 5g of yeast
-Yeast nutrient
-5kg of pure honey
-A funnel
-5 gallons of water
-A carboy(of course!)

Pour the honey in the carboy with a funnel and boil a gallon of water to pick up everything in the honey's pot and to avoid jam in the funnel. Add the rest of the hot gallon of water in the carboy and then shake to dissolve some honey. Pour more water and at about every gallons of water shake again. Add your yeast nutrient and your hydrated yeast and shake again. You can actually block the carboys with some sanitized plastic wrap and then roll the carboy on the ground until the honey is completly dissolved. Let ferment for at least two weeks, and then move into a second carboy. Let ferment for another two or three weeks, then bottle, let sit until it's clear and enjoy!