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Jan 12, 2023
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Question. Do you have to dry hop with the same hop varieties you use in the boil or can you add in some additional varieties during dry hopping that blend well with the hops added during boil. For example, we used Lemon Drop, African Queen and Mosaic in our Hazy recipe during boil additions. How would Citra act as a dry hop addition with the other three varieties dry hopped as well.
I can't address your question regarding that specific combination as I have not used two of those hops. However, some hops are more suited for bittering hops, some moreso for aroma, and then some work for both (dual use). Bittering hops go in primarily during the boil although you can still get bittering from whirlpooling hops. That is temperature dependent. Aroma hops primarily at flameout, whirlpooling at lower temperatures, and dry hopping.
I agree, but I will say that I wouldn't use more than 3 varieties in the dry hop or they get muddled. IMO.

Two different notions here: what's in the dry hop, and the total number of singers in the hop choir.

I'm firmly of the belief that more that four strains total needs solid justification - and that includes using something known as a "neutral' player like Magnum for early addition IBUs (it's not known for character used in that manner). More than four strains can easily end up in a muddled mess if not chosen with care...

JC from Trillium said he mostly uses 2, max 3 hop varieties in a beer. He also said he uses one of them as 70-80% of the hop bill and fills in the rest with the other one or two. Sounds like it should give a good balance of clear hop flavor while adding a bit of complexity? IMO, yeast esters play a huge role in NEIPA, so too many hops on top of that get muddled pretty quickly.