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Apr 18, 2021
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I got out of homebrewing a few years ago, so it's time to say goodbye to all of my gear and let someone else make good use of it. This will be a GREAT deal for someone just getting into the hobby, or if you feel like moving up from extract recipes to all-grain batch sparging. Everything is clean and ready to go, with proper sanitizing as necessary of course.

I have the following items for sale AS A COMPLETE PACKAGE. I WILL NOT BREAK IT UP:

1) ONE 15.5 gallon converted stainless steel keg wort cooker with built-in strainer. This is as heavy-duty as they come. $200 new.
2) ONE 6.5 gallon MiniBrew conical fermenter with stand. Two drain valves - one on the side to siphon off fermented beer and one at the bottom to drain the trub from the fermenter. $190 new.
3) ONE Bayou Classic outdoor propane turkey fryer. Just add propane and boil your wort easily.
4) ONE Chillzilla counterflow wort chiller. Allows you to drain boiling wort directly from the cooker into your fermenting vessel. It cools the wort down to yeast-pitching temp in the process. $200 new.
5) TWO 5 gallon glass carbuoy fermenters. One includes a carrying handle.
6) TWO plastic carbouy drying stands.
7) TWO 7 gallon food-grade plastic bucket fermenters with drain valves.
8) ONE MaltMill grain mill. Crushes whole grains for mashing. THE ROLLERS ARE CORRODED, and this is currently not working. Someone more mechanically inclined than myself might be able to get it working again. $100 new.
9) TWO 45 quart Igloo Cube coolers. One is set up for batch sparging and the other is not quite complete.
10) ONE Johnson Controls A419 external digital refrigerator thermostat. Just needs a probe and wiring.
11) ONE Erlenmeyer flask and ONE Fisher Instruments magnetic stirring platform for making yeast starters. Stirrer works but you'll need to buy a plastic-coated steel stirring pellet.
12) Various bottling accessories, including ONE bottle drying tree, ONE Phil's Philler, various siphons, fillers, and tubing, TWO bottle cappers, over 100 new bottle caps, ONE double bottle washer, ONE bottle sanitizing station.
13) The following miscellaneous items: TWO RHB-32ATC refractometers for determining the specific gravity of your wort/finished beer, FOUR digital thermometers, ONE analog alcohol thermometer, ONE analog hydrometer for measuring specific gravity, TWO wort specific gravity measuring tubes, FIVE plastic funnels, ONE extra-long wort stirring spoon, bag full of fermenter airlocks, bag full of stoppers, caps, and carbouy fermenting lids, several fine mesh bags for dry-hopping.
14) Bag full of miscellaneous valves, fittings, hose clamps, etc.

Asking $350 for all of the above.

Due to the size and volume of items, this is a local pickup only sale. I cannot ship. I'm located in Phoenix, AZ - ZIP 85044. Paypal/Venmo/cash payment please.

I'm new here, but have 21 years of 100% positive feedback on eBay (username swmtnbiker). Please PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking!

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