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North Carolina 15 Gallon Spike Solo & A Whole Lot More... Has To Go

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May 8, 2017
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Up for sale is a complete 15 gallon electric brewery consisting of the following items:

- 15 Gallon Spike Solo BIAB electric brewery with necessary silicone hoses and quick disconnects (Requires 220v 30 amp connection a.k.a clothes dryer connection).
- Custom stainless steel table.
- Chugger pump with stainless head.
- Electric Grain Mill (Monster Mill 2 and motor).
- Exchillerator stainless steel counter-flow wort chiller.
- High volume ventilation system.
- SS Brewtech Brew Buckets / fermentors: (2) 7 gallon BME fermenters (capable of CO2 pressure transfers) and (1) 3.5 gallon fermenter.

This complete electric BIAB brewery (with no issues whatsoever and ready to go) is capable of making amazing beer and has served me well but I just don't have the time needed anymore to make full use of this set-up. I also have a ton of other homebrew items that I am willing to make a smoking deal on if a potential buyer is interested. I'll work on coming up with a complete list of what I have.

Asking price is: $1,375 OBO. *** New (15) Gallon Spike Solo systems alone (less everything else up for sale here) are going for $1,700 (+ taxes).

Why such a low price? We are moving so this is essentially a yard sale price designed to reduce moving expenses.

At this time I would prefer to sell this as a complete set-up (and have priced everything accordingly). If selling this as a complete system becomes a challenge for me, I may entertain parting everything out down the road so feel free to check in on this post now and again.

Located Outside of Chapel Hill, NC.

Glad to answer any questions you might have and thanks for the interest.

Key words: brewery, beer, beer brewing, homebrew, home brew, fermenter, cooler, beverage cooler.


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