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Nov 7, 2007
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Tonight I bought myself four different beers to get a feel, taste, and knowledge of certain beer styles. I had a Blue Moon Belgian White, New Castle Brown Ale, Bass Pale Ale, and a Red Hook Long Hammer IPA. I started of by tasting the blue moon and Newcastle side by side. I was impressed and perplexed by the taste the Blue Moon had to offer. I had never had a Belgium style Ale and nothing with spices or fruit in it, so I was surprised. I thought it to be pretty good and something I would like to replicate ( in a much better form) in the future. There was a film of Yeast at the bottom and so I ended up with chunks of yeast floating in my beer, but I guess that was expected since it is unfiltered beer. Moreover, I thought the Newcastle Pale Ale was good as well, but could have been better. I liked the malty taste, but it was a little to light, but the true taste came out when the beer warmed up a little. Next, I had the Bass Pale Ale and the IPA. Both were very different in taste and aroma. The Bass seemed very malty to me (at least I thought so) and the IPA very hoppy (as expected). However, I was hoping for the IPA to be more hoppy since it tasted very similar to the APA I had brewed. What I really liked was the hoppy aroma which stuck out throughout the drink. Overall I liked all the brews and intend to brew some of these styles in my own fashion.

By the way, I discovered I really like hops, but I also love malty beers. I am starting to appreciate different styles and flavors.