Come Celebrate the 3nd annual Cascade Brewers Cup ExBEERience (Seattle Area)

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Jan 2, 2007
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When: Saturday, April 4th 1pm-6pm

Where: Redhook Ale Brewery
14300 NE 145th St
Woodinville, Wa

21 and over only admitted with ID


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Mar 12, 2007
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Tri-Cities, WA
Anyone know the results from this event?

The WAHA results were:
Yesterday at the ExBeerience at Redhook in Woodinville, WAHA presented the first of its annual awards; The Golden Mash Paddle, The Bert Grant Award and The Washington Homebrewer of the Year. Tim Hayner fumbled with the microphone and continuously stood in front of the projector, thus confirming his life-choice not to be in show biz. Mark Emily was the trophy girl.

First was the Golden Mash Paddle presented to the person who has contributed significantly to the cause of promoting homebreing in the state of Washington. Nominations were collected for 6 individuals and these were voted on by the club member representitives. The clear choice for this award was Mark Emiley. Congratulations Mark and thanks for you tireless effort!

Second was the Bert Grant Award. This award recognizes the best of the best of show winning beers by homebrewers. Having placed in the best of show round in any of the qualifying homebrew competitions in 2008 qualified those individuals to enter Bert Grant final judging round. These entries were submitted and judged by a panel of BJCP judges at Big Al Brewing in White Center. And the winners are...

* Honorable Mention with a Russian Imperial Stout "Siberian Sunshine" is Dean Preibe
* 2nd Runner Up with a Baltic Porter "Baltic Mystery" is Mark Emiley
* 1st Runner Up with a California Common Ale "Fairly Common" is Jim Brischke
* Winner of the Bert Grant Award with a Cream Ale "Training Wheel" is Mike & Steve Brown.

Congratulations to all the winners! An added bonus for the Brown boys is that Big Al Brewing will brew their beer commercially!

Finally, the Washington Homebrewer of the Year Award goes to the homebrewer who has aquired the most points for placing, winning categories or winning at any of the qualifying Washington homebrew competitions.

Winner: James Golovich (15.7 points)

First Runner-Up: Mark Emiley (7.81 points)

Second Runner-Up: James Brischke (7.47 points)

We'll have to wait for Jim to post the complete results from the cascade cup. I recall the Brown Bros getting 3rd BOS, Jim Brischke getting 2nd BOS, and BOS went to Will Fredin & Matt Moser

Here are the complete results taken from a spreadsheet Jim just posted. Sorry for the ugly formatting, I just copy and psated it in here

Flight Name Place Brewers Name Beer Name Category (sub-style) City/State

Pilsner and Light Lager 1 Dan Hansen Hill Billy Pils Bohemian Pilsner Granite Falls, Wa
2 James Golovich Leelas Lager Munich Helles Richland, Wa
3 Mark Tanner Dortmunder Dortmunder Export Stanwood, Wa

Euro Lager 1 Will Fredin & Matt Moser Blackout Lager Schwartzbier Granite Falls, Wa
2 Greg Fleehart No Control Dunkle Munich Dunkel Seattle, Wa
3 Mike Hausenfluck La Negra Schwartzbier Covington, Wa

Bock 1 Jeff Rea Be Right Bock Traditional Bock Bellevue, Wa
2 Ted Hausotter Helles Bock Maibock/Helles Bock Baker City, Oregon
3 Randy Scorby The Dobienator Doppelbock Baker City, Oregon

Light/Amber Hybrid 1 Joel Engel Kosmic Kolsch Kolsch Woodinville, Wa
Tie 2 James Brischke Fairly common California Common Beer Lake Stevens, Wa
Tie 2 Greg Fleehart Brotherly Love California Common Beer Seattle, Wa
Honorable Mention H Dean Priebe All-Star Cream Ale Cream Ale Leavenworth, Wa
Honorable Mention H James Golovich Shes not really a blonde, Ale Blond Ale Richland, Wa

German/Wheat and Rye 1 James Brischke Bauerntrampl Hefeweizen Weizen/Weissbier Lake Stevens, Wa
2 Darron Tavish Sullivan Roggenbier Roggenbier (German Rye Beer) Bothell, Wa
3 Mark Tanner Bavarian Weizen Weizen/Weissbier Stanwood, Wa

Porter 1 David Argento Blood of the Barley Baltic Porter Seattle, Wa
2 Mike & Steve Brown Night and Day Robust Porter Lynnwood, Wa
3 Tim Hayner Robustier Robust Porter Bellevue, Wa

Amber and Brown Ale 1 Brian Thatcher Amber American Amber Ale Kingston, Wa
2 Ted Hausotter Mostly Good American Brown Ale Baker City, Oregon
3 Scot Oliver Dusty Brown Mild Mild Bothell, Wa

English Pale Ale 1 Craig Seeger Demons Extra Special Biter Extra Special/Strong Bitter Seattle, Wa
2 Randy Scorby She didnt like beer, so I bitter...... Extra Special/Strong Bitter Baker City, Oregon
3 Howard Allegan Bayview ESB Extra Special/Strong Bitter Manhatten Beach, Ca

Mead and Cider 1 David Spratt Brownhall Brewing Orange Blossom Honey Wheat Braggot Fall City, Wa
2 Geoffrey Wan Cold Steel Sunshine Strong Cider New England Cider Othello, Wa
Tie 3 Tim Hayner Braggot Braggot Bellevue, Wa
Tie 3 Dean Priebe Chelan County Cider Fruit Cider Leavenworth, Wa
Honorable Mention H Dean Priebe Wenatchee River Cider Other Specialty Cider or Perry Leavenworth, Wa

Scottish and Irish Ale 1 Mike & Steve Brown Red Rocket Irish Red Ale Lynnwood, Wa
2 Geoffrey Wan Cold Steel Sunshine Strong Scotch Ale Strong Scotch Ale Othello, Wa
3 Jeff Rea Hop Scotch Strong Scotch Ale Bellevue, Wa

Stout 1 Joel Engel Double Black Stout Foreign Extra Stout Woodinville, Wa
2 Jesse Thomsen Anorak Stout Dry Stout Seattle, Wa
3 Jody Chinn Voltaire Russian Imperial Stout Redmond, Wa

American Pale Ale 1 Jeb Sorom Penguin Pale Ale American Pale Ale Wenatchee, Wa
2 Will Fredin Pastoral Pale Ale American Pale Ale Granite Falls, Wa
3 Joel Engel NW Pale-Face Ale American Pale Ale Woodinville, Wa

Belgian/French/Sour 1 David Hayes High Maintenance BPA Belgian Pale Ale Mercer Island, Wa
2 Mike Hausenfluck Saison Extreme Belgian Specialty Ale Covington, Wa
3 Darron Tavish Sullivan Belgian Pale Ale Belgian Pale Ale Bothell, Wa

SHV/Specialty 1 Mike & Steve Brown Full Nelson Specialty Beer Lynnwood, Wa
2 Randy Scorby Curts Winter Warmer Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer Baker City, Oregon
3 Jeremy Sharp Lucile Specialty Beer Seattle, Wa

Strong/Smoked/Wood-Aged 1 Will Fredin & Matt Moser Brook Smoked Weizenbock Other Smoked Beer Granite Falls, Wa
2 Jeremy Sharp Independence Ale American Barleywine Seattle, Wa
3 James McDermet Jacked Stout Wood-Aged Beer Seattle, Wa

Belgian Blonde/Golden/Tripel 1 Craig Myer Belgian Tripel Lundy Belgian Tripel Olympia, Wa
2 Mark Tanner Tripel Belgian Tripel Stanwood, Wa
3 Craig Seeger Ashs Tripel Belgian Tripel Seattle, Wa

Belgian Dubbel/Dark Strong 1 Craig Seeger Kats Dark Strong Belgian Dark Strong Ale Seattle, Wa
2 Dean Priebe Mussels in Brussels Belgian Dark Strong Ale Leavenworth, Wa
3 Patrick Middledorf Brother Patrick strong ale Belgian Dark Strong Ale Everett, Wa

India Pale Ale 1 Jeff Rea Chinook IPA American IPA Bellevue, Wa
2 Mike Hatten Summit IPA American IPA Naches, Wa
3 Bob Zormeir Piney the Middle American IPA Kirkland,Wa