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Aug 6, 2007
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I just hooked up my CO2 tank to the keg a few days ago. I forgot to look and see how much CO@ was left, but it was giving a good 12psi for atleast two days then I just let it be.

Today I looked at it and no CO2 was going to the tank! So I am thinking I have a leak, but I also remember that I didn't check to see how much CO2 I had to begin with.

My question is. When I checked the keg it had no pressure either. If you run out of CO2 without a leak will the keg loose it's pressure also? Or do you think that is a sign of a leak?

Either way I also can not get a refill until Monday which would be leaving the beer with no pressure in the kegerator for 5 days at least. Will the beer be ok?

you have a leak. if the beer is carbed and you run out of co2, it will most likely keep the system pressurized. its leaking somewhere. soapy water or play bubbles on every connection should find it for you
Your beer will be fine.

A leak will leak in either direction.

Stamped on the side of your tank is a "Tare" weight. This is the weight of the tank empty.

Remove the regulator and weigh the tank and see if it is at tare weight. If it is're empty (duh).

If you don't have a scale that goes that step on the tank by yourself...weigh yourself...then step back on the tank holding the tank. The delta is the weight of the tank.

Do this same exercise when you get home with a full tank so you have an idea of what it should weigh.
The beer could not have been carbinated yet I don't think. It had only be on 12psi gas for 3 days. I am hoping that maybe I was just already low, but will check for leaks anyway. Might go ahead and get a backup tank also. Makes it easier for cases where you run out and getting co2 is hard to get
well...depending on how much co2 was in your tank when you started i assume carbing the beer could have drained it. i dont think it would have been carbed in just 3 days. but i would still guess you have a leak
i would also say you have a leak especially since the keg is no longer holding pressure.

Pressureize the keg at 12 psi disconnect the quick disconnect and turn off your tank overnight. then in the morning check your keg in the morning to see if you have any pressure in it. This will tell if your keg has a leak or not.

check all of your connection points with water to see if they bubble and also listen to see if you hear any noise - I would do so with the qd not on the keg and of course with the tank turned on.

Good luck.. been there done that.. and also in the morning if it does hold pressure, when you hook the qd back up and turn on the gas, it will of course have to send additional co2 to the keg as some will have dissolved in the beer aka carbonated the beer.
Tanks for the replies.. I am going to fill up the CO2 tank tomorrow and will check for leaks. Might purchase a used tank while I am there to have as a backup since they are not close.
I found a leak. The connection between the regulator and the valve for the hose to the keg. I did not see or hear a leak at 20psi but at 40psi it was hissing and bubbles were evident. I checked all other connections and also have the keg pressurized at 20psi to see if it holds.

Thanks for the suggestions.