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Jan 22, 2015
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Ocala, FL
Not sure if I would have been able to determine it was going to fail or not, but this brew hauler is 10+ years old and has lifted full glass carboys with 5.5 gallons probably 500-1000 times (depending how many times I moved it around). The clasp sheared at the pinned connection and I dropped the carboy into my fermentation chamber. Yes I know the fermentation chamber is gross, it is over 10 years old and has had a lot of wort spilled in it over the years.

Lucky I didn't get hurt.
Lucky I didn't lose more than a little bit of beer squirting out of the top.


This was prior to pitching yeast so I transferred to another glass carboy and didn't see anything wrong with the one that dropped. I am weary of reusing it. It was my first carboy and somehow it has sentimental value.