can dry hopping cause phenolic flavors?

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Feb 15, 2009
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I know it can cause haze from phenols and proteins. I have an ordinary bitter in the keg. It was not quite perfect tasting going in but not bad just a bit green. I just tasted it and it now has a clove like phenolic taste. It has been dry hopping for a week. Normally I transfer it to a new clean sanitized keg after it has dry hopped for the amount of time I want. Well, I tapped it forgetting I had not transferred it yet. Not sure why I put it on the gas...

Anyway, I did not have any sanitation issues going in to the keg. Like I said it was not the best batch, but it did not taste really off. FG was a bit high after 3 weeks of fermentation (about 1.014 instead of 1.010) but it was holding steady there after a few days of testing.

So the only thing I can think of is the dry hopping itself. Anyone ever experience clove like phenolics from dry hopping?
The basic description for Willamette is: Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy, fruity, floral, and a little earthy Possibly that would account for the clove-like aroma, but I've never run across phenolic from a hop. I'd say get it off the hops, if you haven't already and give it a few weeks. If the aroma is from the dry hopping, it will start to fade.
I have used the Willamette hops to dry hop this bitter before and they did give a nice spicy somewhat fruity black currant flavor. Very fresh and tasty. This is not like that. I'll transfer it tomorrow. Maybe crash it outside (should be in the single digits tonight...) I suppose cutting my dip tube would help. Na.

Oh and it a flavor of cloves. Aroma is there as well to some degree but it was the flavor that had most concerned.
It just happened to me.
the beer was fine but after dry-hopping it took on a plasctic taste.
Dry-hopping isn't the real reason, it is some type of bacterial infection that may have been in the hops, the container used to measure the hops, etc.
I was wondering if next time I took a cup of beer out of the fermenter and added the hops then brought it to a quick boil, chilled, added back to fermentor?
ol' rummie: Did you use a hop bag? Something similar just happened to me, I used a nylon straining bag that was sanitized (I thought!) to hold the hops. Now its got a plastic smell.
well i have noticed that clovelike too but with pale ale with a lot of hops for flavor and aroma, i dont know if is that or the fact that i add generous amounts of wheat malt, also it could be the water with clorine but if the water was the issue my darkers beers would have the same taste adn they dont, so i guess is my sparge ph or the ferrulic acid in the wheat, lets see this article
I have the same concern with a Challenger single hop I just made. It has a very bitter taste verging on phenolic, but I had the same flavor in an ESB I made also with Challenger. I have only had this flavor in these two beers (out of about 50 batches) so it doesn't seem like a chlorine or off issue. Can a bitter beer verge on the same flavor profile as a phenolic off flavor?

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