brew night cancelled due to cold

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Beer Dude in the Sunset
May 10, 2007
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:( I was all set to brew a batch, but my hose is froze. It is unusual to be 23 degrees and snow on the ground in Georgia. I was hoping the sun this afternoon would have thawed it out, but no good. SWMBO is out tonight, so it would have been a perfect opportunity to sneak in a batch, but she does not like me brewing in the house. Without a hose I cannot use my immersion chiller so I will wait til Tuesday. Since I can't brew tonight, I guess I will empty some bottles instead.
I had the same thing happen to me. I must have had a slow leak in my outside garden hose tap, because it was frozen solid this morning. No brewing for me until the temps reach above freezing.

I have supplies for 2 brews, a single malt/single hop (11 lbs Maris Otter and Fuggles) and a centennial ale too. Maybe tomorrow, but probably next week based on the forecast. :(
It's not like I am low on beer or anything, but I do have an empty fermenter and a bag of grain. I just poured my last bottle of my first all grain, Edwort's Haus Pale Ale. I bottled that batch December 1st and have been drinking it (in the rotation) for a month. That was a darn good batch! Golden honey colored, nice head and tart citrusy cascade. This is a great hobby!:mug:
I would have brewed at 23, too, if the hose was not froze. I had the water in the pot!
Umm, maybe it is just cause I am from 'up north', but here it is not too difficult to thaw out a frozen hose.

I would have just boiled a bunch of water, opened up the tap of the hose, and then poured boiling water over the length of the hose unitl it started flowing.

I have had to thaw a variety of lines, and heat has always been effective.
Hell it got down to -14 here yesterday and the big conversation was weather or not I had enough time to get a starter going in time to pitch last night. Never even thought about the temps outside.
I had the same problem when I brewed about a month ago. I had a big snow bank as my backup but it took about 3 or 4 hours to chill the wort.
Since then I went out and bought a small garden hose that I keep in the house. I can hook it ti my sink or the spigot out side.
I'm not against putting a frozen hose in the washtub full of hot water! This time of the year I do keep one hose in the garage, and always blast the water out. I made an adapter that screws into the hose, then I hook my air compressor up to it and it dried it right out. Really sends the water pretty far too! :D
23 degrees is too cold? You gotta be sh!tt!ing me. *****.


Seriously, drag the hose inside & throw it in the bathtub full of hot water. That'll thaw it out.
I had a simalar problem. I went to the hardware store and bought a new "brewing hose" and an adapter to the kitchen sink. The total investment was like 16 bucks. It worked well. I ran the hose into the garage and viola... IC in action. I just put the out line in the MLT and dumped that in the grass later. It worked like a champ!
Bernie Brewer said:
23 degrees is too cold? You gotta be sh!tt!ing me. *****.


Seriously, drag the hose inside & throw it in the bathtub full of hot water. That'll thaw it out.

That's exactly what I did Monday. I had my 60 Minute IPA all ready to brew and the hose was frozen. That ain't stopping me.

So what if it was 10 degrees out. I'm still brewing!