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Wisconsin Brewing gear

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Jul 25, 2014
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Milwaukee, WI
Located in Fox Point, Wisconsin. Pick up only.

Finding it harder and harder to brew with a young family and have made the difficult decision to part with my brewing gear which I have amassed over the past decade. I would like to sell it all as a whole but if not a lot of interest I would consider parting it out. Looking for $400350 for the whole lot, Venmo or paypal only.

I will attempt to list everything, may miss a few things, feel free to ask about anything:
1. 4 unopened 1 oz hop bags from NB and WL scottish ale yeast which just expired in july
2. 10 gal mash tun with ball valve false bottom and ss quick connect
3. 10 gal SS tall boy brew kettle with thermometer, dip tube, ball valve and ss quick connect
4. blichmann propane burner
5. CO2 tank
6. NB Bottling bucket
7. Speidel fermenter ~ 7gal
8. Grain storage containers (two which can hold the 50# bags and one smaller) - contains some pale malt and opened/unopened specialty grains (not going to list all of them unless really interested)
9. pump with SS quick connects and ball valve
10. 2L erlenmeyer flask
11. Copper coils for immersion chiller
12. 5 gal aluminum brew kettle
13. wooden mash paddle
14. plate chiller with ss quick connects
15. various kegging equipment including two tap handles (victory brewing (PA) and old dominion (DE), tubing, regulator, temperature controllers, and keg parts. Unfortunately I no longer have any kegs
16. standing wine bottle corker, hand bottle capper, some corks and caps
17. 5 (?) gal big mouth bubbler plastic only used once for secondary
18. barley crusher grain mill
19. siphons/wine thief
20. various tubing including silicon with ss quick connects and blichmann thrumometer
21. NB organizer/bottling organizer
22. Various water/brewing supplements
*23. two 1 gallon glass jubs, two half gallon plastic pitchers, an aluminum ladle, mesh sieve
*24. hydrometer+ testing cylinder, refractometer, oxygenation stone, aerating tool, bottling compression tube, plastic petri dishes, funnel
*25. starsan, some adapters, a switch controller (very handy for the pump), small metal cups for hops additions etc
*26. Brew in a bag for 10 gal (never used), NB fermenter hauler, 20 count of muslin bags
*27. Fastrack drying rack
*Looks like I cannot add all of the pictures in one post so will add the rest in the next one

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Dec 31, 2011
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Fond du Lac
If you decide to part it out I'd be interested in the pump. Could probably pick it up too and save the shipping.


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Apr 26, 2015
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It looks like everything is there for kegs just not the kegs right?