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We've made some exciting updates here at HomeBrewTalk and wanted to bring attention to them since they might seem slight.
First, we have done away with the old advertising system. If you'll remember we served a number of ads. We had a 125x125's, 468x60's, text ads and we served multiple ad networks in order to cover our server bills and my caviar addiction. Good news! I have been off the caviar for six weeks and so to celebrate we made some ad changes.
First, we cut out a number of the third party networks we work with. That will cut down on the passbacks and decrease your page load times. If you've noticed faster responsiveness to the pages over the last week that's why.
We also did away with the 468x60 banners and the 125x125. This does two things. One, it cuts down on the number of ads to be served as a whole, but it also shored up the page quite a bit also increasing the page load times. That's big news for a lot of you with less than stellar internet connections.
As part of the big change, we also made it to where the Top Banner, and First side banner are only serving Sponsors who directly support HomeBrewTalk. So in addition to posting in the Sponsor Showcase section, putting together giveaways, answering your questions, and helping to make us all better brewers, they rightfully should be featured prominently instead of previously generic Sprint, Chevrolet and supplement ads Adsense served.

Keep an eye on them. Many Sponsors will be changing out their banners regularly in order to feature discounts and sales. Please make sure to support HomeBrewTalk Sponsors!
In other news I have brought on a good friend of mine, Austin, to help with the front page articles. If you get a contact from username "Austin" that's him. He's been handling the giveaways for a few years now, and is very familiar with our community. You can welcome him at his intro thread here. He is currently looking for new writers of all levels of skill so if you would like write for us please send him a private message. Here's an embarrassing screenshot of him.

As we head into the next 10 years of HomeBrewTalk I look forward to improving your experience, making us all better brewers, and continuing to be the best place for all things brewed, fermented, crafted, honed, and celebrated. Thanks for being a member.
I have been trying to contribute to your brew wiki. The biggist obstacle right now is that, without being able to login, I can't upload images to be used in articles. Hope you like the changes I have made.
Great changes. Thanks for improving load speed, even for me with a decent connection I have noticed it. Will continue to support HBT and HBT sponsors
I noticed that to, but now every thing loads a whole lot faster, Thanks Keith. Will do my part to support HBT sponsors and the economy, now were did that card go?
Hi Keith,
Thanks for the update, and the decision to prominently display ads from businesses who are likely our good brewing friends.
You can count on me to buy from them.
Good to hear about the ads. This has always been one of the slowest forums I visit.