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Dec 6, 2008
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the dirty south
lord have mercy.. i think i just made the best damn gumbo on earth
i took the bone from that leg of lamb i made for Easter... sawd it up in about 4 peices to where it would fit in a pot, with a reciprocating saw
boiled it for bout 2-3 hrs and scraped all the marrow out with a shishkabob poker
made the roux from that stock
i had a pound of garlic and herb chicken sausage (non pork but really good stuff) and fried it up with some onions, red onions, and green onions
thru that in the roux
then added my okra, basil, a lil tonys, 5 bayleaves and about a pound of leftover garlic and pecan stuffed lamb
boild it for 30 minutes then let it simmer for bout 2 hrs
tomatoes about 20 minutes from the end of the kooking
serve over creole rice
did not use file' in this batch
i got about 2 gallons left over.. i'm saving that for the next get together we have
goddamn it was good