Back in the saddle again

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Oct 12, 2007
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Buffalo, NY
Well, in my last post I told you guys that I was just layed off. As it turns out, my company was bought by another company, and they are keeping the process intact. I was called up yesterday because they still need a sales staff, and I had the best numbers and the best relationships with clients. So, I'm back to work for this new company, doing pretty much the same job (more responsibility though), and they are paying me better. I just need to try and do damage control with my angry customers for me being gone for 2 weeks.

So, I just need a few weeks to get my funds back up, and I should be off and brewing soon. Looking back on it, I just wish they could have done this during golf season so I could get out a bit. Although, it was nice to go on a bit of a binge. :mug: