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Wisconsin All My Homebrew Equipment for SALE...$400, Green Bay, WI

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Dec 6, 2011
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Getting out of the hobby...Selling pretty much everything. $400...here's a partial list:

half barrel keggle with wort chiller and lid (and stainless fittings...valve, thermometer, and volume)
a couple of other stainless kettles drilled for fittings
glass carboys (6.5 gallon, (2) 5 gallon (2) 3 gallon...3 with handles)
rubber bungs and airlocks (at least a dozen, mostly 3-piece)
fermentation bucket and bottling bucket, with tubing and bottle filler
bottle drying rack
fermentation chamber with digital temperature control and heater made from a mini-beverage fridge...will easily fit the carboys
motorized grain mill with stand
four 5-gallon buckets with gamma lids full of grains
forty-four mason jars (some 1/2 gallon, most quarts) of specialty grains...vacuum sealed, vacuum sealer included
yeast starter pyrex flasks (2000 mL, 1000 mL, (2) 500 mL, (2) 200 mL) with hot plate
motorized yeast stir plate with magnetic stir bar
3 x digital scales...2 larger ones for the grain and one smaller one for hops/additives
digital pH meter
oxygenation set up...bottle of o2, regulator, tubing, air line filter, copper wand, air stone
a couple of pounds of hops!!! vacuum sealed in freezer (citra, simco, mosaic, many others!)
unopened can of 100gram CO2 hop extract, 2 cans of pilsen lme, 4 lbs of dme unopened in bags
box of different adjuncts/additives (gypsum, irish moss, gelatine, sulfates, etc.....)
bottle caps and bottle capper, corks and corker
too much other misc stuff to list...tubing, transfer plungers, thermometers, measuring stuff, bungs, books, etc...

message me with interest!

pics can be found here: