Airlock fell out?

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Mar 12, 2023
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Ok, it didn’t really fall out but the stopper with the airlock in it came loose for about 5 seconds when I hit it wrapping the Fermonster with a blanket. It was about half way in the hole so I just stuck it back in. First question is did that mess up anything? Second question, the airlock referenced above doesn’t have a nice flat open bottom where it goes in the stopper but has four small triangle openings on the bottom. I just Dremelled that thing small opening off of another 3 piece airlock I had and am going to do a quick replacement of the one that is in there now( of course after I sanitize the bejeesus out of it). I just don’t have any faith in those four small openings allowing it to do its job! Any thoughts on doing that?
The airlock that “fell out” had four small holes on the end that fits into the stopper instead of the 8mm hole that is in my other airlocks. I was thinking that it might be blocked more easily than the larger hole. I just sawed off the narrow part at the end resulting in the same hole size as my other airlocks! I sanitized the modified airlock and stuck it back in the stopper Took about 10 seconds to saw it and sand it smooth. The wife had her sanitized thumb over the hole in the stopper during the modification and replacement!
There is usually positive pressure in the hermenter because of the co2 from fermentation, so o2 or nasties can't get in anyway. If not, it's no big deal anyway. Not enough opening or exposure to affect it anyway. Any o2 that might have gotten is like putting a cup of bleach in a lake. I've pulled the lock out of a fermenter many times for various reasons, and usually for more than 5 seconds.
It’s looking good! Good krauzen layer with active bubbles in krauzen and some bubble activity in airlock finally!