Adding nutrients to a grained mead?

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Jan 2, 2022
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This information might already be here somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

I want to start a grained and hopped mead. Not necessarily a braggot. I’m thinking of about 12 lbs of honey and 2.5 lbs of assorted grains with a couple oz of hops to make 6 gallons.

My question is, what does nutrient addition look like here? With the grains are nutrients needed to be added? Also, would a mead yeast still be a fine choice?

Thanks for any feed back.
With that much honey, I'd say nutrients are definitely needed. I'd suggest using whatever nutrients you normally use for a 12 lbs of honey batch, and figure the grains will supply nutrients to cover their own contribution to the gravity.

Regarding the yeast strain, what "mead yeast" are you talking about? Many "wine" strains can't use the complex sugars you get from mashing malts.
I ferment my meads and wine with The Yeast Bays Belgian Dry. It's STA-1 POF positive and will ferment anything. WY 3787 is close in flavor and temp needs, and is most likely at your lhbs.